What are the best vps for jarvee (client management)

Hey, my name is Hugo.
I am new to MPSocial but i do client management for like 3 months and i have one big problem.
I have an provider with an dynamic ip and i use proxys from highproxy.
The problem is that i have to change every morning the ip at highproxys to get them to work again and cant turn off my laptop at all (it is running 24/7).
A VPS would defenitly help me to solve this problem but i dont have much experience with vps. My question is now what vps are the best to use jarvee on it, did somebody have more experience than me and could help me or give me some tips?

Best Regards

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Hi Hugo

I would start with Amazon AWS as it’s free for the first year and Jarvee have a tutorial on how to set it up.

Search the forum for popular proxies, you may not be using the best ones for you.


Thanks Avo, yes with the proxys i already heard it, going to change to mobile proxys.

Is someone of you guys using the greencloud VPS? Iam above 15 accounts and jarvee says this Amazon VPS are good for only like 4-6 accounts.

Should i get the “budget vps” from greencloud or the “SEO Optimized VPS”?

I use green cloud. Been good for me


can you tell me which one are u using?

use a dns updater to have a “static” ip at home or just buy a cheap windows vps. Search on the forum there are multiple threads. look for one that offer windows server trial and go for the basic package


thank you, gonna do it

Good morning, to start you can use https://contabo.com/?show=configurator&vserver_id=221
You get windows for $ 4 more and it works really well for 20/30 accounts.

And if you are growing I recommend you https://www.hetzner.com/sb
I think it’s the best.


Yes greencloud have been good for me… not too expensive either bro!


For many accounts hetzner is really the right choice, but keep in mind you’ll have to install the is yourself or pay someone to do so for you

amazon aws, don’t even bother with others


I have been running Amazon AWS for my client accounts for more than 8 months.

I recommend them 100%

Depends on how many accounts you’re running. If You’re just starting out I would go with Amazon AWS (the basic VPS is free and will run 1-2 accounts without any issues). If you have more accounts Hetzner is the way to go.

I use greencloud, so far so good

Just get a Hetzner dedicated server from the server auction and install windows Data Center 2016. That’s my recommendation. It’s the cheapest in the long run.

Greencloud it’s very good.
Hetzner too.

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Been running a VPS with serverhosh that’s working well for it

Do you use proxies from highproxies.com ?