What are the best ways to improve engagement on TikTok account?

I have an art TikTok page and would like the best social media marketing tactics.

This is what i did to improve engagement on my account:

  • Upload at least 1 video everyday. Preparing as many videos as possible when i have free time and save them in my draft. Thanks to Capcut, now we can edit a short video in only 5 - 30 mins. I edit enough videos for at least 1 week to save time.
  • I answer all comments and usually post 2 videos per week to reply some interesting questions of the previous video. This help me communicate with my followers better and improve engagement naturally. The more i reply, the more people ask on my videos.
  • Using trending or interesting musics. I save all good sounds from the viral clips of other content creators. This way help me a lot, now i have many trendy sounds which i’m sure that people will love. If you have a good sound (like meaningful quotes from podcasts, a random speech in a movie), you can upload your own sound. People will stay in your video to listen full the sound if it’s new to them. And if is interesting enough, there will be a lot of people use your sound and they all need to visit the original video.
  • Using good hashtags. I research carefully to add specific keywords for each video. Tiktok AI will bring users who used to click on the hashtags to your videos.
    Sorry for my bad English. I use these ways and gain many reactions, many new followers on my account. Hope it can help you. Thank you for reading all.
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thanks for the tips