What are the effects of Location change on our IG account?

For example, recent feed is not visible to US people on hashtags pages. Or keyword search feature is currently available in certain countries only.
How do Instagram determine the location of the accounts? Based on the current location or based on the location of the device at the time of account creation?

Suppose certain story music is not available in my country. I flew to some another country where the music is available, would my account start showing up that music now?

Hi There,

Imo it is first the location of creation and after a longer time it changes. I am not an expert but I realized on my own account. I started it in Turkey and three montah later I moved to Germany and stayed there since a year. First the account asked me to verify with email than enter the phone number. IG thought it was stolen I guess. I had a lot of posts with pictures from Turkey in the beginning and tagged their location accordingly. When being back to Germany I also tagged them with German location but I realized much less reach. I guess this has to do with a larger amount of Turkish followers in the beginning who are not only interested in my posts but in the locations. Writing a sentence in Turkish or adding a Turkish flag in the bio was what I did because I thought the Turkish followers can identify better…

If you want to change the country virtually with proxies. I would turn off the account and wait a day and when you turn it on again do with the new country’s proxy. If you change from one minute to the other it might trigger alarm as you usually need more time to fly from one country to the other. But I have not tried that, just a thought.

Yes, I realized also that the selection of music changed.

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