What are the new limits for a fresh account?

Created a fresh account. What are the limits I should be following?


in jarvee warm up slowly and 100-150 should be the threshold looking at current scenarios

100-150 follows? What about likes/comments

For a fresh account you should warm-up the first month I can’t tell you the correct numbers because this changes in every account it really depends what trust score IG algo will give you. But the safe follow/unf is 50/100 after the first month yeahh and if the account is really good you can try 100/150

I usually start with 10-20 follows per day as the daily limit, and set the daily limit to increase daily until it reaches 60 follows per day. I don’t follow more than 100 users per day even on aged accounts.

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true that with these limits I never had blocked or disables but they can be very low for some people here

Make sure to do warm-up for at least a week. Fresh accounts are the ones which are very risky for automation so I would with the 100 f/uf limit at first till the account established credibility.

Dude, just look around: each person is giving you a different answer. The reality is that nobody knows. Try it for yourself. Guess what? I don’t do automation, only use one account, don’t do anything illegal, and just got blocked again after 10 actions or so. Others talk about following 200 people with their BS fake accounts, so who knows? My bet is that whatever AI IG is using is just bad and filled with bugs.

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very slow ones, start with like comment, and stories viewing for few days then you can start following users slowly and increasing settings day by day.


For fresh accounts, I am going with 20-30 per day for at least couple of weeks. Then I start increasing the limits. I know it’s slow, but better warming them up properly then loosing accounts.