What are the requirements to run Tiktok accounts?

Hey guys!

I’ll cut it straight to the chase. I run a SMMA agency for several years and we focus mainly on IG and FB ads. A client of mine split with their content creation team and wants us to take over their TikTok account and post their content. I have 0 experience with Tiktok and I come to you with some questions.

Some context: My client is from the US and we are located in Germany. The account was created in the US, it’s verified with a US phone number and it has content on it, already.

  1. What do I need to login into this account? Do I need a US proxy or a US sim card considering the account was active in the US so far?
  2. It is bad if I just login normally with our Germany IP?
  3. What’s the easiest way to not get location blocked?
  4. There is something else I should be aware of?

I really appreciate all your answers and knowledge. Thank you in advance.