What are you passionate about?

What is the thing you are the most passionate about?

Something that you do that dissolves the world around you whether it be a hobby, or a favourite film or music or band or even your job?

the thing I am the most passionate about is learning. it’s my favourite thing ever. learning something new. experiencing something new. exploring new places etc!

i also love fixing things and solving problems!

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Doing 1 good thing for somebody else a day, without getting anything back from them. 7 days a week.

That can be a simple ‘’ how are you’’ to a stranger that seems to be down, helping a kid outside that is trying someting that isnt working, give possitive energy to people i dont know, give 100% discount on a client that is trying to make the world a bit better. It can be anything.


I’m passionate about playing music and programming, unfortunately, only one of those things is making me money right now :slight_smile: The truth is, it ain’t really about your passion, it’s about execution. Passions themselves are nothing more than pipe dreams, it’s the work that makes me possible.

Which, in turn, motivates me to keep on going :slight_smile:


This is real life magic, I have been doing the same thing for the last 6 months and it has transformed me, my business + the lives of those around me. No joke


That’s so great to hear, I wish more people would favor Execution over Passion, as it is the main building block and foundation of a developing Entrepreneur!

But Passion would definitely become #2 on the list after one has risen above the cloud of their ideas, and is then ready to be an Executive.

Keep up the faith, new discoveries are yet to be found.:key:



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Getting one step closer to world domination

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Buying gadgets :slight_smile:

Music. Life would be hard without music :guitar:

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I love PC gaming.

Putting creativity at play, in all aspects of life. From relationships to technical applications.

Making money and cars :blush::blush: