What are you using for PV?

Just wondering to gather research what are you all using for PV

I’m using an unsaturated russian site which seems to work good (PM for this only some ppl to keep it unsaturated)

and instantnumbers.com :slight_smile:

Post what you use so we can all use this to gather info! :slight_smile:

i use smspva :grinning:

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it work well for you ?
you d’ont get instabann after pv accts ?

dont use mp for pv. i use my phone for pv using smspva numbers and it works like charm! :grinning:
i dont recommend it though :grin:

offtopic but 90% you’re from france ;D… only french ppl can type “D’ont” :smiley:

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I use real sim cards. :slight_smile:

These online sms are going down hill = not worth it. invest in some real sim cards - try amazon or ebay :hamburger:

Or better yet, the Marketplace:


Nah fam he’s north african haha (Arabic name, + French typing)

TOO MUCH WORK! Sim cards imo are just too expensive and too much work for a simple bot.


Hey @florin22xxl looks like you won (chips) in your local casino :grinning:

If only each red was valued at 10.000$!!


My solution - cd case :smiley:


Nice solution you have there @mindeswx

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