What Are your avg. IG metrics?

lets say i have 500 IG accounts doing about 100 actions per day that makes it 50k impressions per day i know its all niche and vertical based but lets say on a avg whats your click thru to the account and click thru to the link ? if its very specific niche targeted you think 5-10% link click thru is high ? lets hear your stats

Usually few %. I normally get about 3-6% rate:

That means that I convert 100 profile visitors to 3-6 clicks on website (on BIO). I also got 33% rate too in some cases with some hacks:

Yes, 5-10% click thru is considered good.


nice metrics ,thanks for sharing the insight , are you doing any mother / slave account methods ?

Not at the moment. It’s a bit difficult lol

This is literally metrics porn. How many Explore impressions are you getting, if I may ask? Absurd numbers

It depends. Sometimes 95% of impressions come from Explore page sometimes only few percent.

Congratulations on your results – metric alone are impressive

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