What are your best earnings with CPA on IG?

Hello, i am curious, what is your average earnings per 10 account? Just starting and don`t know what is good score. Thank you in advance.

Since you posted this in Instagram section I guess you’re doing IG and CPA. Earnings can depend on a lot of factors, mostly depend on the niche you’re promoting assuming you’re doing everything else correctly (landing page, Mass Planner Settings, proxies).

The good score is the one you’re satisfied with :slight_smile:

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Yeah, i just started with ogads…looking for 3$ per 10 account :smiley:

$3 for every 10 accounts?
$3 per account?

3 $ per 10 accounts is my goal…is blkackhat and ogads is to high ?

$3 per every 10 accounts is bad
That’s $0.30 cents per account

Rather than trying to scale up with lots of accounts.
Test different BH niches and LP and sources and so on.

Once you are getting good returns in a certain niche then scale up.

@Adnan may be able to give you more info on CPA

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