What are your best tips if you had 16 4g private proxies laying around?

I happen to have 16 slots available in my new proxy server, and I would like to know some tips on how to use them to make the most profit.

What would suggest I do with these 4g proxies that cost me 5 bucks each (data plan cost) and would guarantee to generate the best profit (ROI) in the short-medium term?

Normally I use these proxies for my clients, but since I received this new server and got no use for them, I thought about using them for CPA/CPL/CPC affiliate stuff, which would net me more than renting them out. I would appreciate insights of successful people in the affiliate community, that use 4g proxies to boost their performance.

Thanks all!

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bump. any good ideas that might help me make money with these?

If you have website or blog you can increase your seo score. Same with YouTube video and other stuffs that nees high quality traffic. Yeah but don’t forget you will need specialised tools to perform those tasks. PM me if you want more information. I have some tools I can show you to utilise your proxies.

By any chance maybe you could direct me to quality YT bot that can generate views. I have some proxies too that laying there without use.

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Where are the proxies located?


You can use your proxy with earnapp / honeygain / packetstream / iployal :slight_smile:

It’s not the best solution but by doing this you can make around 15$ per proxy and you can still use for other purposes (like instagram automation)