What are your "Follow" settings for scraping with Jarvee?

Hey guys, while you scrape with jarvee using “follow” tool, what are your hour/day settings? Is it ok to go agressive like 2k follows a day , 100 actions a hour with scraping? Or should i go lower? Let me know!

Go as high as you want while keeping delays.
You will get PV
Find the right numbers to “Pass the Verification”
Get more API calls —> more Scraping


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My settings are low (< 20 actions per hour), but i think you can have more aggressive settings since the scrape tools can scrape faster than that until the account gets API scrape blocks. If you have multiple scraper accounts, you can use the follow tool on those scraper accounts and have the “enable scrape different users across all accounts” option checked in Settings > social platforms > instagram > different users.

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You should be able to go that high but with the good and optimized API calls limits and Delay settings.

any guide how to optimize api calls and delays?

Could you please check your PM?

you can definitely go a little bit aggressive using the follow tool but I would recommend using the scrape tool as Ossi said, use multiple scrappers and good delay timers between operations and you should be good.