What are your GOALS?

If I were to ask someone “what is your fitness goals?” and they say “to be in shape, be healthy, look good” then I were to ask “How are you going to get there?” and they say “Working out” that’s like me saying:
“My goal is to get to New York. I’m just going to drive there and not use any GPS on the way. I’m literally going to wing it and drive until I get there. No idea what roads to take I’m just going to go to New York. Oh and when I stop at a rest stop/gas station to fill up my car and there’s people with New York license plates, I’m not even going to bother to ask people ‘hey which way to New York?’ because I’m just going to drive. I like driving with no GPS.”

Really?! How long you think it’s going to take you to get to New York? Are you ever going to get to New York?!

How about “I’m going to be 215 lbs. All Vegan bodybuilidng, count my macros daily, get over 4,000 calories everyday, meal prep 1 hour a day, gym every single day for at least an hour, and ask everyone who is ripped ‘hey how do I get ripped? How many reps/sets do you do? Do you stretch? What do you eat? Etc.’”

That’s how you set goals and use a GPS to get there!

We all have unlimited potential.

If you fight for your limitations you get to keep them.


thanks for the inspiring share!


Good point, well made.


Make sense and motivating, thanks

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Good mindset share!

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It’s all about the mindset! Thanks for the reminder.

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to build a huge company out of Mumbai , india , and really tap into the advantage of being in india , while it is the fastest growing economy , roughly speaking.
Also to lose weight and get that Energy going right to work.

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Yep you’re right.
We can have a rough idea of what we want but if we don’t plan, prepare and test our plans, we will never get there.
Thanks for the motivation!

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Whoa! This actually hit me hard.
Reminds me of how I sometimes make goals that aren’t really goals. More like aspirations or something since I forget to have a set strategy and schedule to achieve them.

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I don’t have any plans or goals, I just try to do whatever I like in the moment, which for me is the path to happiness.


To be able to do things I enjoy with people I like for a living

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not need to say your goal to anyone until you reach the goal

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I have a big goal but achievable i believe with hard work and effort, writing this as inspiration that i will come back and say hey guys i made my goal :slight_smile:

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What is your definition of “Huge company” ? Have a specific number. The more specific the easier it is for you to visualize it and the closer you’ll get to manifesting it.

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It’s kind of cheesy for me to say it out on public forum , but i don’t really want to be limited by my current imagination.
If i can imagine it from here , it’s probably not big enough.
I just want the company to be in media+retail space overall .
And last for at least 25+ years . Always something to look forward to.
because in 1 year change is possible , in 5 years destiny can be changed , in 25 EVERYTHING BECOMES POSSIBLE.
Also in a world that’s eternally distracted and instant gratification-hooked , patience and focus are superpowers.
i just tried to set Specific number as a target for short term goal , it became super stressful.
i am recovering from 3 years of doing nothing , so all the health issues+overweight+tons of mental health problems.
i am yet to make my first decent profits , (doing IG+CPA) , once i get some confidence going , i will take more on my plate , until then i am taking it slow and steady.

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10x everything. Would you rather aim for $100,000 and fall short or aim for $1,000,000 and fall short?

The bigger goal is always better. Like you said there is no limit we have unlimited potential so you can have anything you believe you want and believe you can have. Cut out your distractions and find your reasons. I was overweight at one point too and used to do CPA etc. I had analysis paralysis because I knew there was so much I wanted to do that it would take work so I didn’t have the confidence to start. That all changed. My life is completely different now :slight_smile: You can do anything!

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Thanks for your fiery words man , Means a lot.:fire:
Here’s a practical guide i really like - https://foreverjobless.com/how-to-achieve-goals/
Currently struggling with the exact thing you mentioned to do , breaking down the huge goal into daily actionable steps.
Having a hard time , pinning down the actions that make money , partly because of low confidence (never made any money before) .

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Its because you don’t know what you truly want or who you want to be…

Most kids will ride their bike halfway across town to buy their new video game and go back home and play it for days - So motivation is there. It’s in everyone. But it’s not channeled correctly into something productive. Most people are on a street waiting for a motivation bus to come to them (through a motivational video, etc.) yet the bus is never coming. It doesn’t even go down that road you’re waiting at. You have to motivate yourself.

Start journaling your thoughts and ask yourself why you do what you currently do. Every single choice make 2 columns one column for the benefits and another for the negatives for making those choices. Choose the choices with the most positives and scrap the negative ones. If you still do the negative choices then you haven’t truly written down all the negative reasons why it’s bad for you to do.

^^^ I know this sounds OCD as hell but if you can communicate to yourself your thoughts, see them on paper, and build trust in what you say about yourself, who you are, who you want to become, and the reasons why you want to become that person, everything becomes easier.

When I’m at the gym and think “man why do I do this” (ANT - automatic negative thought, we all have them) then I immediately counter with a positive thought and reasonS like “I’m going to get a 6 pack, here are all the other reasons …” It makes doing the action easier. The hardest things to achieve are the most worth it. Anyone can scroll on instagram all day and get dumber…It takes a champion to have social media deleted and only use it when you need to for your business. Straight tunnel vision.

Why do you want $1,000,000? So I can help my family. Why do you want to help your family? Because they’ve worked so hard and helped me get to where I am. I want them to be retired and less stress. Why do you want them to have less stress and be retired? So they … Why? Because this… Why that? Because of this… Keep going 7 levels deep on your whys. (Dean Graziosi)

When you know what you want, why you want it, and remind yourself daily - Its easy to get.



Motivation is like a habit , and usually it comes and goes , so gotta have some ritual in place to revisit ‘WHY’ every morning. Because waiting for motivation is super unreliable.

I actually do know , quite clearer than average person does , about what i want to be.
But it’s that inner b*tch voice that’s becoming the enemy.

I have journaled quite a lot in the past 3 years , like 600+ full length notes , so it’s quite therapeutic and confusion-killing to read them , because it’s very easy to spot patterns, repetitive things in all notes , that Clarify further what i want to be.

As of the current moment , everything has just atrophied so much , i have hard time doing basic things , soon hopefully , will gain some traction.

I am really interested in building habits , but building them seems incredibly daunting at the moment , and i get super analysis paralysis . But mostly just gotta keep things simple and DO THEM CONSISTENTLY WITH PATIENCE. At least until the first breakthrough moment.

Deepest ‘WHY’ , would be something you hold so dear to you identity/life , the non-occurence of which causes a pain that trumps everything that has ever mattered , EVER.


Daily peace of mind. Like the rest of you.