What are your successes with IG sponsored posts?

Hi, I have a question.
What are your successes in IG sponsored posts?
How many new followers are you able to get per month?
And what are your ranges?
I collect information for my work.
I will be grateful for your response.

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They are not worth the money if you are promoting clients/yourself as as standard blogger. However for products/brands it works very well if you have a good product and an eye-catching image.
For every $10 spent as blogger you won’t reach more than 10.000 people depending on the city/niche you choose. Out of those 10k you will get around 50-100 new likes and maybe 10 followers.
As a brand, you only need to sell 1-2 products for each $10 ad to profit. However, I’d still recommend big influencers (300k+) for ads instead of sponsored posts, especially if you are dropshipping.

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I am working for few agencies doing every possible kind of FB and IG ADs.

Promoting posts on IG will get you likes under photo, don`t expect any grow.


If you took 10 accounts in various niches, maybe 1 may grow. I’ve stated many times here that my company deals at scale. That specifically means we don’t pick and choose our clients. Our clients come to us from many different niches so a lot of the times shout-outs, ads, and frankly - MOST METHODS don’t work for my business model.