What are your thoughts about AI's and the fourth industrialization?

I’ve watched many many videos and read a bunch of documents and posts about the new technology and the future. What do you think will happen in 5, 10, 20, 30,… years?

Have you heard about Sphia AI? The first AI that got a citizenship!!! What?!

What are your thoughts about AI’s, new technology and/or anything else?

I think it is amazing and scary at the same time!!!

Also, what do you guys think about the government and what it hides from the public? I mean I am not the smartest guy in the world but the more than 525 billion USD are not spent on only human training and some weapons. Come on! What do you think of the Area 51 or anything like that?

And guys I know that a lot of this can be just hyped up or the so-called conspiracy theories or anything like that!

I have some Youtube videos that you might want to watch:

Just trying to start a discussion here!! Don’t quote me on anything I said! Yes, I think this future time will be interesting to watch and I think it is about whether you join the “movement” or try to stop or change it.

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The whole economy is changing 5 years till an shit ton of jobs start disappearing

2 billion jobs will vanish till 2030!

I do not know if it will happen that fast but if, dang!!!

IMHO, AI is absolutely being actively developed in various fields, industries and government alike.
If you’ve watched many of Mark Cuban videos, he’s believing AI is the future. He only invest with any business or industry which is AI possible.


Yeah that is true!!!

The same with Elon Musk I guess!


Yeah I have a close friend who works for the govt and they are using AI to catch sexual predators. It’s pretty cool!

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AI should never have been created to take away from humans, it should have been created to add/benefit humans. Taking away very large amounts of jobs doesn’t benefit humans. Also, AI is too over-hyped and will only benefit a handful of people money-wise.

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Thats crazy! Didn’t know they are actually using it already! I knew that they would have the resources but didn’t know they do!

Yeah that is true! That is the biggest problem!

The gap between rich and poor becomes bigger and bigger!

AI is going to disrupt alot of spaces, but also open up a whole new subset of careers. #InvestInNvidia


That is true!

It is just insane how quickly the world changes.

Look back to 2008, that was 10 years ago and see what has happened in that time.

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Its certainly going to be an interesting time…

You’d love this article: https://waitbutwhy.com/2015/01/artificial-intelligence-revolution-1.html

I predict the self-worth, meditation (focusing on ‘within’) markets will emerge more… While many will lean towards the new technology, this is where the other extreme blows up in fear that we dont lose our humanness.

At the same time, as the AIs will reduce the necessary requirements for specced out devices, we’ll able to run software on lower end hardware.

(think how Mac uses smaller specs already compared to windows… and how Google Pixel 2 is optimizing their single camera lens to mimic the effect of a dual camera from iPhone X.

Plus, more cloud based services emerging, so we need less intense hardware on our end.

Something else I’ve been thinking about is how we can kickstart more intelligent devices using existing living organisms… We can use their problem solving skills to solve more complex human problems

ex: Bacteria evolving/adapting to survive antibacteria

ex: Living Computer Created With Slime Mold

(inspired from mold finding the most efficient route in labyrinths)


The only AI video you will need to see, this is not some “hype” video where someone talks with a deep voice about something that does not exist just to bring views, this is something that’s being trained right now as we talk and improves by the minute :


This is good!!!

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Crazy one!

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I love seeing this stuff


AI and Algorithms are being developed beyond our own knowledge to the point we don’t even know what it’s doing anymore once it’s put into action in some circumstances.

Me too!

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Yes, that is true!

I think, as one developer said in a video, they will “rise” up when it is already too late for us.

Then we will not be able to change it anymore and we just have to deal with it that they are there.

Yeah especially their new AI and deep learning GPU is fucking insane they have a 2 minute video on their site of what it can do and it is literally insane from just one GPU. Very expensive tho base model is around $120k and the 40k cuda core model is $150k for one GPU.

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