What are your thoughts about the fork for Bitcoin?

Hey There , From what I understand it would make bitcoin transaction faster and raise in value.

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well bitcoin value just keeps rising so yeah

awesome it just keep rising did you invest into bitcoin?

i m thinking in Mining cryptocurrency, anyone in my case ?

yes Ive been mining for a couple years now another great way to pile up on bitcoin yeah.

@KingJamel Is it still profitable? I saw it became so hard to mine because it’s getting more and more resource consuming for the computers.

@bwbalazs yes it is profitabIe It has been for me and my team for sure. I Do see the little guys going away sooner than later.

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did you have mining rig ? what is your H/s ?

I mine with a club but iam having one built for me with 22 mega hash to mine etheruim classic.

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Pool Hashrate: 254.16 PH/s

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However it not as profitable than it was that is why i mine other coin now and i trade the bitcoin against the top 10 alt coin on the market i invested 1btc and received 10btc in less than 6mos. seem to be the best way to compile bitcoin as well.


thats good…
i read that mining ethereum is more and more diffuclt and its not profitable as it was a year ago…
so i don’t know about other crypto currencie, can you advice me
i m thinking in building my reg this summer, i wanna start with 4 GPU’s
what is your reg configuration ?

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Dam ive erarned over 10btc with this trading platform time to pay off mortgage with bitcoin!!!

hey @KingJamel what crypto are you mining now ?
have you any idea about the best GPU to use : i wanna build a rig

I’m trading daily coins and mining thru a club

I lost my home and my family to Bitcoin. Now I’m here to make money by putting all the rest of the money I have into Facebook ads to try to sell my webinar on how to use Facebook ads to make money.

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