What are your thoughts currently on Powerlikes?

It seems to be a mood point recently in all the forums that PLs have been ghosted or abandoned for numerous reasons. Want to hear from the experts what all your thoughts are.

I have talked to a few about this already but the last 6 weeks I have tried out a lot of PL providers. (So they call themselves as PL providers… not even close.) Most are out of business because of recent updates. And the others are just complete fakes…

I was able to find one that I have been using the past few weeks with good results. Are their any other providers (or companies, since I am sure not everyone is going to give away a good provider’s name) that are still running and returning good results?

I would like to compare and see how valuable other companies PL’s are.

Fuelgram couldn’t solve the issues with blocks, and I’m not sure there really are any providers that can actually provide (trust me, Mauricio did not want to have to get a 9 to 5 lol)

There is a demand for like bots but there are very few people who are able to provide. One of my friends owns a Telegram bot that he described to me as “semi-functioning” since the blocks are bad and delivery can take 1-2 days.

Goso.io offers some powerlikes but they are just panel likes. For some reason though, they do seem to work well for ranking on hashtags and their service is more reliable than some of the Auto Orders on panels which I personally get issues using.

I’m currently in a private powerlikes bot, but that one started receiving issues too…


I thought, Powerlikes are likes that you receive from bigger accounts 50k, 100k, 1m etc?


Yes they are. More or less, likes from larger following accounts.

hello my friend can you share in private the name of your provider for PL. Many thanks!

I get power likes naturally through Jarvee’s like exchange program.

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Is the LE program working better now? I used to use it when it actually worked.

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You’re not really getting powerlikes, just overpriced spam likes.
There’s a reason why these sellers went out of business at the same time that fake like panels started struggling keeping up with orders.

If you were truly getting likes from power accounts then they would still be running smoothly.

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Yea I thought the same way as well. Especially since a lot of the providers I tried were literally like you said spam likes. But me being me and not wanting to accept the fact that powerlikes are not around anymore, I kept trying them out. They are working for me, and I am liking the results so far.

It’s really vague when you say “they’re working for me”.
Everyone has different standards.
Most people are happy with spam likes, even when paying for them at powerlike prices.

Did you hand pick each account that’s powerliking your posts?

I completely agree with you. Everyone had their own opinion or thought on what working for them and what is good quality. But there is no such thing as perfection as well. You have a point. They are not the same as they were. Although, I wouldn’t just assume a company has spam likes though.

And no, but if you know of any provider currently that is able to do this, let me know. I feel like a lot of us here would take that option over anything else.

I’m running my own powerlikes with my own network and I’ve done plenty of testing on their value/impact.
I also get some powerlikes from influencers, as a mutual exchange.

I’d never pay someone for powerlikes unless I was picking the account.
And even then I’d only pay if that account wasn’t already being used to provide that service to dozens of accounts.
No seller has a big enough stock of great accounts to provide this service.

That is the main reason that powerlikes haven’t been powerful for a while now.
All of their good accounts have been spamming so many likes in every direction that they’re completely drained out of any power.


You have to pay for premium for it to work unfortunately

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Which are these premium services if I may ask ? Where to find them ?


Its in the LE program. Go to one of the tabs to purchase