What are your thoughts of Messenger bots?


I didn’t find any related topics and this isn’t meant to be a strategic question/advice so I placed in the Free category.

So: what are your thoughts of FB Messenger bots?

Personally I never created a Messenger bot and I saw it disturbing and the whole concept just doesn’t make sense for me.
I bet if it supports your funnels it can make you money, that’s why I am curious about your answers.


I hate them myself. Some apps for communication are for communicating with friends, relatives. FB Messenger, Whatsapp. If these apps beep then I know there is something important to respond to. Marketing messages here cross a line.

I follow a guy on facebook who seems to be very enthusiast about it https://www.facebook.com/officialscottoldford/


I often think about this, it would be very usefull if MP incorporates more options for facebook messaging, such as reply to messages by keyword.

Yes, it’s true. But keep in mind you have to give them permission to send you messages.
Also there are two types of Messenger bots: the one which allows them to send you messages based on your questions/replies and the other which acts as a subscriptions (it’s like a follow up series/newsletter). I think the latter may be really annoying - but once again: you have to give permission them to send those messages. The question-reply based (idk what is the official name for this) can be really handy but I used it only once (as a user). It was funny tho because when I was too fast and pressed all of the possible answers I received replies for all of them and it was messy.

I don’t know what will be the future of these bots but without artifical intelligence it doesn’t make too much sense to use them. At least for me. :smiley:
But if you make a menu system (questions+answers) to forward the users to your email list or lead magnets it can be useful for your business.