WOW Congratulations! I was only able to get 10k on mine :frowning:

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NO WAY! I just posted

with the hashtag #AprilPotty and I got 50k more followers within just a few minutes! This is even better than posting potatoes!

Thanks @MojoJojo for the amazing find!


@BrandonBerner, I think this is the first time (and due to your HQ-posts usually, probably also the last time) that I can correct you :wink::
Its not an elephant-shaped one :elephant::x:, its a :eggplant: penis-shaped potato . Take a 2nd look, then you will see it. :smiley::wink:

Btw, what the heck! You didnt solve my problem that I have lost due to you my 3.5 Mio. followers-account. Please build a new account for me (with the same amount of followers!). Due to your skills and experience, it wont take a long, right? But you can have a week :sunglasses:

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Hahaha…I dont see it. All I see is


Say whaaaat? …hope I didn’t miss it, going to gather potatoes for photos now :smiley:


You still got some time! Its 04/01/2017 somewhere in the world still.

PS: Who else makes that face expression when using q-tips?


Off topic. Someone seems awefully happy today to be in a mood for

Pretty sure its the 10k likes.

#AprilPotato #ftw


worked thanks brandon


Took the day off today, that why :slight_smile:

Awefully happy? I dont think so…My fiance spilled a glass of wine last night and did not tell me. Today I got up, and saw the carpet was moving. Turns out my house became the living area for multiple ant colonies. Been spending the entire day making poisons so they bring it back to their colonies and kill all the generations. Only been stung 8 times which is quite small considering the thousands of ants. In between killing ants all day, I have been catching up to my inbox and some posts here on MPSocial since its getting out of hand.

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Have done everything like you said but got only 8k likes :confused: pls help


You must have posted a horrible looking potato. Try posting a better looking potato.


Were they singing? I usually do that after getting some wine.

One tip: Neopitroid powder - just put it wherever you see them and the path they’re coming from, leave it for a day. Clean up. They’ll die, others won’t come for at least a year. If you don’t have it there, let me know, I can send it to you along with the sim cards :smiley:

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@Adnan @Said @Johnny @SkinnyGirl

I am formally requesting that @BrandonBerner be removed from the forum.

I posted the best picture of my potato that I could find.

And not only did my 1,000 CPA IG accounts get banned, every single landing page looks like this now…

Now what do I do???



It’s all about having quality content, and great hashtags… Have you tried using frontal bokeh when photographing your potato?

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And now my PC is stuck on this, halp!

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I dont understand - what is this topic about? firstly its FULL of spam and frankly inappropriate pictures that dont actually belong on a serious social Media marketing Board (which is what I thought this was supposed to be) AND surely if its instagram ONLY then it should ONLY be in the instagram section and NOT in ‘The Free For All Lunge’ (where its at the time of this writing this comment). finally it would be good if some of the more experienced members like @BrandonBerner and @Johnny (for example but others too) a) REMOVED some of the content posted by spammers like @SkinnyGirl instead of posting childish pictures in reply and b) and actually ANSWERED some of the questions instead of just talking gibberish to each other. IM not trying to be rude but you USUALLY post (more) useful things but I dont want topics about FOR EXAMLE TWITTER BUT here youre ACTUALLY discussing something I do want to learn about and all it is stupid pictures. SO just don’t even bother if you aren’t ACTUALLY helpingin my OPINIOM.

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To all the people who think this is fake…think again!


I thought Bieber had a smaller potato? Or am I confusing that with something else?


I need to know this “zuck” guys settings! How many peple do you think he follows/unfollows a day? Who is his proxy provider?


I have a feeling there is a joke I am not getting here. I am the worst at understanding written jokes.

Sweet thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

I have found from past experiences with ants, that straight killing them does not fix the problem. You also do not want to obstruct their scent path since that will cause them to scatter everywhere.

I found that using 2 mixtures; one wet, one dry works the best. worker ants (the ones that invade housing) will ingest wet foods for a source of energy, while worker ants will bring dry food back to the colony to feed the Queen’s, and larva. Then the larva will turn the dry food back into liquid for more worker ants to ingest.

I made 2 different dry mixtures since I found they like a variety.

  • Corn Meal, Powder Sugar, Borax (Poison)
  • Peanut Butter, Borax

My wet mixture consists of

  • Imitation Maple Syrup (lots of corn syrup which they love), and Borax (Poison).

Lastly, I have created a spray consisting of 25% Water, 40% Dish Soap (poison), 35% Apple Cider Vinegar (Most potent smell out of all vinegar which ants hate). This spray kills on contact, and also works as a force field to control where I want the ants to stay (since the mixtures attract more ants until they all die).

The goal is for the poison to both be on their bodies, and ingested so they kill the entire colony and Queen thus stopping the source once and for all. I will then be sealing up the moldings so there is no way for them to come back in, and if they do, it would be much easier to seal again.

Haha again with the SIM cards :stuck_out_tongue: