What behind the false "Temporary Block" in Jarvee?

Hey guys!

It seems I am getting sometimes Temporary Block error (Following only through EB), however when I try to follow manual through the EB it works perfectly.

Is there any reason behind that? Or just an error with Jarvee?

BTW - If I uncheck and then check again in tools it will follow


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jarvee added a second temporary unblock timer under “suspend when temporarily blocked” which helps against false blocks since you can have a short timer for false blocks and a long timer for real blocks


Oh man thank you! Where do I find it?

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Both like/follow settings its under “Suspend when Temporarily Blocked” when you check the option the second timer option appears


What are these false blocks? Just a failed request or something like that?

Did you check the second one ?
Which time did you put in?
And does it work for you?

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1st block: 10-15 minutes

2nd block: 240-360 minutes


I wonder how this setting relates to the “treat action blocks as temporary blocks” and “suspend tool when temporary blocked” settings under Social Profiles? I had these on as suggested by another user. But your suggestion seems better as it’s more action specific and not blanketed over the entire social profile.

this is happenning to me lately as well… even on 4g proxy

Lack of in house testing :+1:


Hey, is there some solution for sending DM, I have the same problem, but I don’t see this option there

The problem is that after the first temporary block there’s not the logout in the EB, which helps a lot to keeping going the tool. Do you know we can automaticaly log out after the first block? Because at the moment the log out happens only in the second block.


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