What can a male profile with 95% female followers promote the most?


What can a male profile with 95% female audience and with his own photos, his own videos, quotes, plus cute random photos plus some random hot photos and videos do to earn the most?
Its around 13.000 followers

Onlyfans is a good way,I have heard that males do earn big on onlyfans and Instagram + Onlyfans is a good combination of Cross-Promotion.

You mean to get naked and do all kind of perversions? :slight_smile:

Lol can be :rofl:,Though I can’t think of any other way for a male profile with all female followers!

Damn i m not sure im ready for that tho :slight_smile: hahaah
Thanks :slight_smile:

I recently launched two campaigns for two clients with female audience, one was promoting a trending product from Amazon (female product) and for another girl we promoted her OnlyFans account for Instagram users (indirectly). Both campaigns went with at least 3x ROI. So I would suggest you running campaigns to your own followers or promote offers for target audience :slight_smile:

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You mean testing with different products and services to see which will do best?

Yes i believe that’s exactly what he meant.

I believe if you have 95% female audience and you’re not wanting to do the other suggestion above (understandable).

You should be promoting female adult products to be honest