What can I do if someone is trying to hurt my account?

Hey guys! I found out my ex was buying me fake followers (and I suspect fake engagement) without my knowledge and my account is suffering severely now because of it. My reach for those who don’t follow me is down to 2% and I’m lucky if my real, loyal followers even see my post. I think I’m still getting fake followers but can’t completely tell. What can I do to start growing again - but with real people?

When I experimented with manually having the fake accounts unfollow me, my reach and engagement went down severely. I’m losing about 30-40 fake followers a day and can’t grow at all. I’m so scared of losing all of the work I’ve done and put way too much effort into my content for no one to even see it.

I’m new to growth hacking and automation, but I’ve tried to set up my own M/S on J (with plenty of obstacles). At this point, I think I need help from an expert because my account is going downhill so quickly.

What do you guys think I should do?

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Choose a better girl friend in the future. Hope it helps


Beat me to it :sweat_smile:

Would changing the name and not let you ex find out help? Then remove fake followers - I don’t know how but I am sure there’s a way.

Send her a leg braker :slight_smile:

Report this to IG, explain everything. It’s better to reach them first. The more people reporting that kind of stuff the better.

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Do they care of stuffs like this ?

This is what I’m thinking but I’m not sure how/where to report it so that I’ll actually get a response.

I can’t change the name, since it’s my brand and where I run my business. I considered going private for a few days though.

IG won’t do anything unless his ex explicitly admitted in DMs that she is buying him fake followers.

That’s exactly what my ex has been banking on - that I don’t have definitive proof so he’ll never get caught. He even told me that. (I’m a female to clarify lol)

Just continue growing your business through paid Instagram ads and don’t complain to him. It shouldn’t hurt your business, most of it should come through ads anyways.
If you show him that it affects your business, he will continue with it.
He will eventually give up since consistently buying fake followers will take his money.


Haha they don’t care if your account’s get hacked or whatever, but they will care if your girlfriend sends you fake followers :rofl:

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Go private for a while.


play the game and tease him idk like post a story how easy it was to get ride of x ammount of followers in 10 min and ask a question how to make him realize he’s wasting his money as in wow i just cheked 50 fake follower cost 50$ oh with that i would make sure to enjoy each penny of it and do stuff haha

i hope this help and you can block him and change your handler & i know its not good ffor your biz but you knwo

I think it’s a lot cheaper than that.

Go private for a bit

Say Big thanks for him for increasing your followers. ask him to continue doing this and he will probably change his mind.
Don’t show him that his actions is hurting you. just give him a fake thank you and he will stop doing this.

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It’s few $ for 1000 followers lol

You should make your profile private immediately for 72 hours when you notice fake engagement and usually the panel cancels the order when it’s not able to deliver. And if that happens and she demands refill a couple of times, her account will get suspended and she’ll loose money. Properly that will help.

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Low quality followers costs around 2-3 dollars per Kilo and high quality costs 3,5-7 dollars per Kilo atm.

Now people I do not sell or am affiliated with any panels. I just have a couple of panels I use privately. Do not pm and ask.