What can I do this happened to my instagram account.

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It does not show a captcha? Normally it shows a captcha. I have had this before, my account got disabled. But after filling in the disable forms, I got my account back pretty fast :+1:

With EB in Jarvee i had this issue as well. It did not show captch a for a while because of the speed of my Mobile Proxy back then. I retried and switched my Proxy to make it work. But because its @Cedced 's first time posting here I believe he could also not be familiar with the “Confirm it’s you to login” page in General.

This Page means you automated your account too much or maybe used some bad proxies.
It also means that your account is 90% fucked if its not a real old account that you only did automation for some days.

But there are Services to appeal the ban. It takes some time right now I believe.

When was that? Right now some of my Accounts take around 30+ Appeals to get unbanned

That was around a year ago, so might be outdated information. Also, in fact I did not use any automatization on the accounts, so that might have helped as well.

Did the account only get banned because of bad proxies or why was it banned if you did not use Automation?

Have you solved the captcha? Is it s personal account or a slave?

Nope. I don’t know exactly, but I think because I logged in with 10 accounts on the same phone in a short time. That’s the only thing I could think of.

Yes, this could be why, because Instagram only mentioned you can use 5 accounts on the app and you can quickly switch between them (https://help.instagram.com/1682672155283228)…

True, logging in and out might have caused the problem.