What can i do with highproxies?

hey, i have a lot balance on highproxies. What can i do with social media proxy? I think is not 4g.

Scraping, Scraping, Scraping :slight_smile:

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Scraping or logging an acc on DC to post is pretty much it. You can story vote/view too.

DM works too
Depending on your account trust-scorey you can do most things, except liking.

You can create more scraper accounts, and add those proxies on your scraper accounts. You can also use them on your child accounts. As the other users said, you can run Story Viewer tool and Contact tool (low settings with complex spintax), Like Comments works too .

I have a couple of hundred IPv6 proxies (not from highproxies). I can follow/unfollow almost 200 a day, I send about 30 DM’s, and yes, they also make likes. No problem.

I think you should share your sources then, considering that even IPs flagged as “mixed” (Hosting and Business use) are long like-blocked (since 2018 minimum) on IG
If you mean IPv6 that show up as Residential (like @HenryCooper will offer soon), yeah those can like and etc.
So sharing unflagged Datacenter IP ranges would be for helpful for all member on MPSocial :wink:

You can also use them for other social networks, if you are not using Instagram only :slight_smile:

Also on ipv6 proxies and can do many actions F/UF/Like.

US based data center, but from a Russian provider.

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The ones I have are 100% datacentre. IPv6. It’s a well known provider, around already for some years, and they sell only IPv6 proxies.That’s all I can tell you :wink:

The strange thing I noticed is that IG doesn’t seem to know the location of the proxies. If I get a warning about a new login from IG it doesn’t mention the location.

I can easily make 50 likes a day. Didn’t try more because there isn’t any reason to do so. I follow almost 200, unfollow almost 200.

The accounts I use are all a bit older, 1-3 years.

scraping, slaves accounts with mains or create some accounts to test on them