What can i sell on cold email?

Hello guys, what i can sell on cold email? I’m able to get a good open ratio 50-60% , but my only problem is what i can promote/sell through my cold email campgains? Any answer would be appreciated!

Have you tried cross promoting with influencers that sell their own stuff?

The key is not the open rate. Its how good your copy is thats inside it. If its great then offer it as a service to people. Get people to pay you to sell for them.

You can contact ecom stores, fitness pages, YouTube accounts. Anyone you think may need your service.

If you just want to sell stuff yourself. You could try affiliate stuff like clickbank, Amazon, clothing brands etc.

Let’s say I’d like to work with you as a brand, isn’t there a risk involved for a brand with unwanted spam? Especially in the EU region with GDPR regulations and California?
Are those people your followers who gave you consent for receiving promotional emails?