What can I upsell to my current follow/unfollow clients?

Hello guys! I’m thinking, what could i upsell to my current follow/unfollow manual clients besides follow/unfollow? They are happy with follow/unfollow service, however im thinking what else i could sell them so i could earn more and they could get even more benefit!

Things like content creation, its really expensive, people charge 300$ a month for it as minimum + i need to add my fee, so i dont think my clients are going to pay that much… Maybe you can offer more ideas guys?

If you do only follow - unfollow for them, you can offer them a lot of stuff, you already have clients, a lot of them will buy if they’re satisfied with your current service.

Some suggestions:

  1. Auto-posting:
    They’ll send you content for 7 days or whatever, you charge them weekly or however you prefer.

  2. Content creation and auto-posting:
    If you’re good at it you can create the content yourself, or outsource it. Then auto-post it.

  3. Repost - if they’re interested in that. It’s not a bad idea to repost 2-3 times per week. Explain to them it’s good to repost and give credit to the original poster.

  4. Caption writing - if you’re good at it, DIY, if not, outsource. Offer it as addition to auto posting

  5. Hashtag research - pretty easy to do. I think you can do it, offer it as addition to auto posting

  6. Managing comments on their posts. If they get a lot of comments and there are spam comments or insults, you can offer this as a service too. Delete comments tool in Jarvee will easily do the work for you, i.e. set it to delete non-english comments and comments that contain specific words (you’ll have to list bad words here :slight_smile: ). Along with that you can offer them tor reply to comments on their posts (Manage comments tool in Jarvee). That can be done fast, even when you do it manually. It’s usually thanking users, replying to simple questions - they can provide you answers for most asked questions upfront.

Extra advices:
Charge them weekly or monthly. Never offer one-time fee. Offer these as services they can buy separately, but also let them know they can buy two or more services and get a 10% discount.
Offer it all as one package and provide a much higher discount: 30% i.e. This way you’ll surely sell more full package services and it’s not really a lot more work for you because:

  • some of them are on auto: posting, managing comments (deleting comments part), repost;
  • hashtag research is done once (for that specific niche), there’s a low chance you’ll do it once again after 5 - 6 months.

I offer my clients Repost Services and Mass DM along with my F/U services

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