What can Twitter API be used for?

As you all may know (via the horror stories on reddit, that it’s difficult to get API access), they gave it to me a year ago after I argued with them when they kept requesting to rewrite my reasons, so I said “screw it, I’ll hire someone to better convey what the API will be used for” it’s almost after I sent them that message which was the 15th one I resent, they gave it right almost right away.

I told them Hashtag research and advertising.

What else can I do with this?

the main question is why did you ask for it in the first place? what did you have in mind? because there are so many stuff that can be done.

To be real to work with a News website I have that I don’t update. But, most of all come out with a tool similar to flick.tech for a better better marketing tool. Advertising, scraping users follower list, try extracting what analytics I could/can get from it. One of my failed attempts I sent them a copy of my ID and LLC info to try and convince them to approve, still hit me back with “please better explain why and how you’ll be using it”

Cause I know you can f*ck up a website real quick with it’s API. They have my name and info that’s why I’m even hesitant to use it for Grey hat techniques.