What can you do if an online company scammed you?

I know this is off topic - but I had a project unrelated to SMM and the client is now not paying.

What would be people’s strategies for putting pressure on them. For example would you work on SEO of their company name and write a bad review?

Any suggestions - again sorry if it’s too off topic.


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not sure what you mean. Paypal allows chargebacks on digital items. If you paid with credit card your bank can do it as well.

Sorry maybe I did not explain it well - I am owed payment and I have not received it. (I’m not going to be paid).


Move on. It is not worth spending the time to write them bad reviews and to try to go after them. Some people will always find a way to not pay.

Better wet, send them a thank you email explaining how nice it feels not to have to deal with them. People like that are used to fighting off negativity… hit them with the positive, show them that you are the better man and you’ll leave them confused for weeks to come.

Unless you are willing to actually sue them, smile and move on. It is not worth it.


Change the passwords, disable the accounts, file a police report.


Is it a lot of money? because if it isn’t then just learn your lesson and move on. Money always upfront or no business no matter what.

If its a lot of money you can threaten them by photo shopping a picture of them and put “scammer” in the picture. Then tell them you will expose them all over social media if they don’t pay. Thats a technique that worked for my friends business when someone didn’t pay him.


Someone better not scam you :slight_smile:


Thanks Swag that’s quite a good idea - I may try that tactic

It’s not a huge amount of money but annoying enough - @MojoJojo know the right and sensible thing is to move on - interesting to still know people’s techniques.


My logic is always - you have lost time / resources since you are not getting paid. Wasting more of it on trying to get someone back seems futile. Even if you get paid, which is unlikely, you’ve done double the work.

Send them a thank you email, go to bed with a big smile on your face knowing that karma will eventually get them and that’s that.

The next morning block them on your phone, forward emails to spam and never think about them again.

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It’s only fair though… :smiley:

Yeah I am sure you are right - been reading the Chimp Paradox (Really recommend it). Tells you strategies to help control your chimp (the Limbic area of your brain - the emotional part). One of his strategies is asking yourself if in 5 years time will the incident still affect you - if the answer is no then move on and get over it.

Exactly, get that Monkey off your back and onto bigger and better things.

Now I’m in the middle of listing down books I’ll digest this week and this came up. Will surely be on my list. Very interesting! :slight_smile:

I agree with what @MojoJojo said, but it will be interesting to try @SwagWaffle trick :smiley: it won’t take more than 10 minutes to take a picture of them and add SCAMMER in it, send it via email and let them know about what you will do if they didn’t pay you.

It will be really interesting if it works, if not just move on and focus on other important stuff.


If a person stole something from the shop, you’ll see the picture of him plastered right outside the shop. So the same can be done online as well. Heck, now with social media the fire spreads even bigger depending on how you execute it.


Just to provide you an update. The company asked me to wait another 2 weeks for payment. I waited and they had not paid me. So they were clearly stringing me along all the time.

I used the photoshop technique - with the ‘Scammer’ sign - And it worked.

Of course it won’t work all the time, but on this occasion it did.

So thanks :slight_smile: @SwagWaffle


Glad it worked ! That’s 2/2 so far. It’s best to not be in a situation to have to use that in the future.


Yes! Also I am still not 100% sure it was worth it - I got the money owed and got some satisfaction but I did spend a while with the back and forth emails, not to mention the stress and annoyance.

So @MojoJojo’s point still stands!


Sometimes, it’s not worth it… (at least a hundred bucks). But I am happy you got your money :slight_smile: @josephd12345

File in small claims court! Make sure you have proof i.e. an email chain agreeing to pay for your services.

In the future, always have a contract!