What can you sell through cold emailing? Any ideas?

Hey guys, I found a way to send cold emails and deliver the majority of the emails to inbox. Now my question is: How could i monetize this? What could i sell through my cold email campgains?

Any ideas what i could sell or resell or maybe promote affiliate marketing or anything like that?

Let me know, thanks!

Do you have a service that could be sold to certain types of people? For instance, you do audits for companies, and can now guarantee your cold email will get to the right person.

I guess I’m asking, do you want to go for as many hits as possible or hyper-targeted emails?

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Well, currently im trying to resell an instagram growth service as well as sell SMM followers, likes. It works a bit , but not that much. So im thinking if there are any better ideas out there what i could promote/sell to potential customers. Let me know buddy!

I think you can answer this depending on how well you know your target market.

What do they struggle with? What do they need?

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Cold Email → Sales Call → Sale (This is the funnel).

What you sell depends on who you’re targeting. Don’t both direct-linking to affiliate offers in cold emails- why would someone buy a random product you recommend if they don’t even know who you are?

Honestly, I think you should take the time to learn a legitimate skill that you can sell- not fake follower SMM panel garbage.


This funnel will work better.
Cold Email → Webinar → Sales Call → Sale

You can sell anything anything but Website development / Digital Marketing services will have better conversion.

The options are there, you just need to do it