What can you sell via cold email?

Hello guys, i wanted to ask you, what i could promote/sell via cold emailing? I’m able to send cold emails and get some of them inboxed, so i have the potential to make money. However i’m looking for the ideas what i could sell/promote via cold email?

This can actually be everything. You should define your target group first if thats possible - I don’t know where you’ve got all the mails from. Maybe they have some main interests in common since you may scraped them from a specific platform.

Also you should already have a product or service you can promote since you will need a working infrastructure.

Alternatively you can always work with affiliate links.

hey do you know any affiliate network which accepts promoting affiliate through cold email? let me know

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Pretty much anything really. Its all a case of trial and error and just testing what works best for the kind of offer or product you are providing.

Yeah, I would like to hear others’ experiences regarding this. Getting the right Affiliate link could be a really tricky job.