What causes phone validation?

What causes phone validation ?
I want to know causes.
I want to avoid phone validation.
I feel that the account is verified finish
and few hours later, the account disable.
and found that the account isn’t verified ,not be disable.

Sorry, for my language EN , it poor
Thank you very mach

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There’s a lot of reasons. Primary reason is that IG suspects your account is spamming their platfrom or someone has access your account.

Phone validation usually triggers when you access the account using a new ip or proxy.

Surmary in their order
1 Suspected link in bio
2 following too aggressively
3 sending too many messages pee day
4. Commenting too much per day
5 been reported by people for spamming
Just a few

I’ll just add using bad private proxies or shared proxies


I agree with the proxies issue, I mostly need PV when using the bad ones.