What data will I lose by switching from a business account to personal and back again?


I’m using a shopify app called Covet-pics to create a shoppable instagram gallery on my online shop.

However, I’m having trouble connecting this app to the new Instagram API (that runs through Facebook).

The Covet-pics folks want me to try switching back to a personal instagram account, and then back to a business account. They say this will allow me to authenticate with the new API.

I’m worried about data loss, though.I don’t care about the instagram analytics, which I know will be deleted. Rather, I’m wondering the following:

  • Will my instagram stories that I’ve created with business features (like the “swipe up”) links be preserved? Or will these be deleted when I convert back to a personal account? (I use these in my instagram story highlights, so it would be a big bummer to lose the swipe up links)
  • Will I lose the “tagged products” in my existing shoppable instagram posts?

Thanks very much for any insights you can provide!


I’m not 100% sure as I haven’t done it myself.

But I’m sure you would lose the links, but you can just add them back. As for the tagged products, I’m sure you can always add those back as well.

Try doing a little more research and make sure.

Hey Aaron,

Thanks for the response!

You mentioned that I’d lose the links on my stories, but could add them back. Do you mean that there will be some way to add links to the stories that had previously been posted and since been saved to my story highlight? That would be awesome, but I haven’t noticed any way to add links to existing stories as of yet.

Yes, definitely can add the tagged products back if need be. It’s mostly the stories I’m concerned about retaining.


I once switched my account from business to personal for 1 day and my swipe up links didn‘t disappear, I was even able to to post stories with swipe up on this day on the personal account. But this was about 6 months ago so not sure if it‘s still like this

I believe you’d need to add new stories I believe.

But, on stories where there was a link before, that can be changed in settings, if my memory serves me correctly.