What did you think about buyaccs

i want to buy +100 ig account from https://buyaccs.com/
for work with him with OGAds
what did you think about this and what’s type of account that i choose ?

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Get aged accounts, at least couple of months old. Make sure you warm them up before you start promoting your offers.

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Agree with Adnan, their aged accs are pretty good and tech support works very well.

You can check out my thread on how to warm out your new accounts

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please can you give me more details
you talk about aged account
why if i buy new account and warm it that does not work ?
because for buy 100+ accs is pretty expensive for me
or you suggest another way to get ig accounts ?

It’s just that aged accounts can have more actions faster than new accs.

New accs works too, you just need to ramp up the actions slower than old ones.

There are lots of topics here that covers both new and old settings.

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