What difference will aged accounts make?

Let’s say if I’m looking at a seller, and they have 3 week old/ 2 month old/ 3 month old.

Will it really make a big difference which one I pick? Like what would happen if I chose the 3 week old instead of the 3 month old?

In theory, the older the account the safer it could look in the eyes of an IG algorithm to detect spam or abuse.

So the older is technically better, but realistically it likely comes down to what you do when you get the account, the IP / email / device it was created with, and what actions the account takes when it’s being warmed up.

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Ok makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: The reason I ask this question is because I bought a bunch of 3 week old accounts. Maybe a bad idea :stuck_out_tongue: All warmed up and been running for 450-500 per day for a few days and all of a sudden the accounts are starting to die one by one(2 or 3 each day). Yet my older accounts are still fine.

Anyways, thanks for the help! Next time going to try with some 2-3 month old accounts instead. Hoping that will make the accounts last MUCH longer.

Although any aged account is better than a new one, I recommend getting 3 months or more aged.

I usually buy 3 month old accounts. I find that 2 month old accounts still receive a higher rate of phone verification.

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They make NO difference at all, it is just hyped by people who sell them, but an idle account of 3 months is just as trusted as a account just created i really don’t understand why people thing that a 3 month old account that has done NOTHING has any trust value, almost all are not even regular logged into so you can’t make the argument that the account was used for browsing IG.

Aged idle accounts are a scam… End of story!

Interesting view on aged accounts. We will have to agree to disagree on this one unfortunately.


3 weeks or 3 months aren’t “aged accounts”. There’s essentially no difference in the two.

Try one that’s 2+ years old & you can get away with a lot.

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It seems that a mainstay of account buying is account age, has anyone got any actual testing they can show?

Personally I’d love to bundle together money from a group of MP users to get a dedicated server, 200 accounts/proxies/numbers from different sources, and test a load of different things out scientifically. Would be super fun and might really help dispel/prove some myths and theories.


I would say age play a very big role on how Instagram will treat your accounts but everyone is free to believe in what he wants :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m thinking it makes a big difference. I had never bought accounts so young before and now they are just getting banned left and right. Basically everything about them is the same as my older accounts.

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That’s okay :smiley:

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If you don’t mind explainining @DaveNL but from your experience why doesn’t age matter?

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The topic of aged accounts seems very controversial over here.

Im just going to say this…out of 110 votes, 88% agree that aged accounts are better



My reasoning is simple, let’s say you buy a 6 month old account, with no activity, not even logged in once in awhile, why would IG give you props for that? Just because you saved your account for 6 months? That makes really no sense at all, and you do not save time cus you still have to warm them up for 4/6 weeks.

I really don’t get why you people believe that older accounts with no history of liking, commenting or even logging in is going be a great benefit, and if you wanna pay $2- for an account go ahead, it isn’t my money you’re wasting lol.


Aged account will allow you to do more actions a day. while a new account will only allow you to follow a max of 200 users a day while you have a link in your bio, an aged account will allow you to follow up to 1400 (with the same link in your bio).

Yeah totally agree with you :wink: Better to warm up new accounts than pay more for aged and still need to warm up these.

Aged accounts are accounts that already have followers, have activity and engagement. You cant say that an account registered about a year ago and has 0 photos and 10 followings 0 followers is a aged account, because it’s not. I don’t care about the time spent. I care more about the overall history of the account.

Do you still find this to be the case @BrandonBerner? And to clarify, are you referring to aged accounts with no activity history or with some activity history (like slightly warmed)?
Thanks for the tip.

What sort of ages do you find is when they start to make a big difference to their security? E.g. do they become particularly more solid after 3 months, 6 months, 12 months+, 2 years+, etc?