What do Instagram's crawlers look at?

They have banned a lot of popular public landing pages. Exactly how do they detect a lander as bad? Do they cross check thousands of different URLs and sees that all of them are using the same lander? Do they automatically ban a lander if say 50 IG accounts that gets banned for spam are linking to said lander?

What is the fingerprint for detecting a lander as unique? Meta data? Title? CSS element names?

I really have no clue, but just to guess - probably a big list of things starting with the URL, and then more detailed stuff from DNS data, website creation time, text/image/link content and metadata. Probably all stored in a database and compared to future crawls.

Do you think they go as far as storing server IP? Let’s say I have 100 unique domains on one server. Would it cause any problems?

Oh absolutely, I’m sure that’s one of the top things, I bet they even go as far as tracing it, checking for proxies, and doing all that stuff. I’d bet they even compare it to Facebook account data, assuming it’s linked, or even not

They’re so information hungry it wouldn’t make sense not to, especially with the NSA in their pocket.

NSA in their pocket. What did I miss?

Haha! I’m only joking… well, sort of. All these big companies work with government agencies to track and gain information on everyone.

But to your point, I’d be cautious and definitely not use anything too similar for those 100 accounts, to avoid getting them banned. I’m sure someone with more experience can chime in, I don’t have 100 nor do I use CPA links and landing pages, just legit sites for each account.

I smell a good footprint and logical algorith here :stuck_out_tongue: , if you combine that you have a great police for spam

Remember if it’s logical, think as a dumb guy, and you will bypass, you have to be smart and inusual as possible on it. If something is made by human, never give up, somewhere is and error, you only have to found it.

Well I can get around this issue by switching hosting provider (or asking them for a new IP) for every 20 or so domains. Along with that make a new unique pre lander. However that’s annoying to do so I’m looking for a better alternative.

Would really love to see some action in this thread. :slight_smile:

My hosting provider wants additionally $4 per month for a new dedicated IP. It’s probably a bad idea since the domains will still use the same DNS which probably is a very strong link in identifying a fingerprint.

So is the best idea to sign up for different cheap hosting companies and spread out all domains across them? This is the annoying way of doing it but is it the way I have to go about it?

wow, $4/month per ip is way too much. Yeah, try with a different hosting. I also think there are some of them that offer a seo package, where you get different ips for your domains, not sure about their pricing though as I haven’t used one in a very long time.

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Hostgator is pretty cheap so I’m going to go with them. However they also want $4 per additional IP which is very expensive. Is it possible to buy my own dedicated proxy and route the traffic through it? Would that require me to get a VPS rather than shared hosting?

You could get a VPS and more ips from that VPS provider and set each domain you add to the vps with its unique ip. That should be cheaper on the ips side as they are generally somewhere around $2/month, but it will be worth it only if you have a decent number of domains to split the vps costs to all of them

I would love not have to go through the hassle of setting up my own server and dealing with proxies, dns and all that.

It’s really not that hard, depends on the vps, but you can get a managed one with a control panel. you can do everything from inside there, so you don’t need linux knowledge.

What choice do you have really? If you’re that paranoid into thinking they track it down to the IP level, then by all means do anything necessary. As far as i can tell, I haven’t seen a post from @BrandonBerner saying he use all unique IP across all his LP. http://mpsocial.com/t/what-not-to-do-instagram/433

I personally have multiple websites with different .com domains on multiple different web hosting servers. That being said there are lots of websites all stored on one server without much problems.

Also note that I am no longer creating more CPA IG accounts, nor am I promoting any more CPA offers. The maintenance is getting out of hand. I can conserve my time, and be more productive (make more $$$) using other methods. I am focusing more on other methods of generating residual income such as affiliate marketing.

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How is it easier to promote affiliate products compared to CPA? I mean whether it’s CPA, affiliate or whatever you still need IG accounts to promote your business so I don’t see why CPA would be harder to promote. Also do you share what type of affiliate products you are marketing?

I already have a lot of domains on one server. I have a few domains (all cheap .xyz, .ml, .top or similar) that I’m using on 10 IG accs simultaneously with no issues. However I’m limiting myself to 3 accounts per domain, more than that is starting to cause issues. I’m making sure not to promote same URL if the IG accounts promoting said URL are on the same IP.

So yeah, I’m starting to have issues with the domains. Few months ago I could easily use 3+ accounts per URL, now I can only use 2 per URL, sometimes 3.

I personally find the CPA offers do not make enough residual income compared to affiliate marketing. If the whole idea of using Instagram is to make money then you might as well optimize it to create the maximum amount of money. That being said CPA offers will never provide the amount of money affiliate offers can provide.

I rarely put my eggs in one basket. That being said, I have tons of different affiliate services, and products which are in a variety of niches. What works for me may not work for you. So be sure to offer affiliate products/services that you know are high quality, at good prices. Also be sure that you know lots about the product/service and know how to target the right audiences.

Cheap domains worry me. I created a topic way back regarding cheap domains, and @Johnny posted a great link showing the rankings of cheap domains. @dddd has also confirmed that .xyz domains will result in accounts getting banned. This is why I switched to using .com domains. Yes they are more expensive however it will save me money and time in the long run since I do not have to keep buying more cheap domains when they get blacklisted, or create new accounts because they got banned.

Here is the topic which you should take a look at:

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About how much better are you doing now as you switched to affiliate compared to when you were doing CPA?

Example: I want to promote protein powder. I obviously target fitness people & bodybuilders. Where do I find the best affiliate to work with (best possible quality product with a good commission)? Do I have to create my own landers for each niche or do the affiliate usually provide it for me?

How many accounts can you use per URL if you use a high quality domain like .com compared to a .top domain?

I don’t want to buy each domain for $2 if I can only use say 3-4 accounts on that domain. Then it would be more lucrative to use crap domains.

Thanks :slight_smile: