What do scammers really want?!

This is getting annoying…
Had some people dming me, asking to buy some of my accounts.We agree on the price and they ask for escrow.They ask me to start transaction,which i do! Already picturing my retirement and all new iphones i’m gonna buy once the sale is complete !
After transaction is started they stop responding!!
What do you can gain from this?
Do they do this just to waste peoples time?
Who has so much free time to waste other peoples time?
They don’t even try and scam,basicaly no response after transcation is started.
Had this happen like 6 times already.One person even canceled the transaction and called me a “scammer”.
WTF people!

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they want you to send them the login details and then they will send you payment, lol

might be worth using a 3rd party!

Useless piece of shit these guys are,dealing with cautious is a very important thing today if you are an Internet Marketer because you never know when a reputed or a new member can become an impersonator lol.

Definitely strange behavior, I think it’s more of a psychological problem. It sounds more like ghosting than scamming to me, but maybe scamming was the ultimate goal but you somehow outsmarted them or they moved on to a susceptible victim.

The reason I say this is a psychological thing, is I deal with the exact same scenario for photoshoots. Connect with a model, often they DM me asking to shoot, we plan through a few DM conversations over time (up to a week or 2 sometimes), choose a date, location, a theme, etc. Everything is fine until the actual confirmation the day or night before, and then ghosted. This happens about 90% of the time. I waste so much energy developing concepts, looking for inspiration shots, etc. and then they stop responding. Someone actually blocked me out of nowhere after saying they were really excited to shoot.

In other words, people sometimes like the thrill of being needed/gaming you to the point of “I feel good” and then run from it because that’s all they wanted.


There you go. Happens all across the board. Heck, even those we consider our “friends” will do that. Ever planned something, or had someone make plans, only to then cancel last minute or go ghost?

Strange behavior nonetheless. Shouldn’t concern you.
Get yourself to a point of not needing them to achieve the retirement you imagine.
Don’t let others get your hopes up.
You’ll succumb to their disease otherwise [summed up from the above example]


if i was you i’d make them pay upfront fee to avoid wasting time, even something like $10 will help because then if they do decide to ghost at least you would have 10 dollars lol


That’s not how the Instagram modeling works these days on Instagram at least @rebelgods

When we’re talking about other types of photography businesses it something else

But on topic, i dont believe it’s necessairly trying to scam but more of a getting second feelings about it or figuring out prices and getting a possible better deal somewhere else eventually

I’d be super down to trying to buy someones account that I love for example but I’d hate having to cover all steps not forgetting anything that would leave me getting scammed myself


These second feelings have extreme detriment to any business imo. Happens to me all the time so now I try get the deal done asap or I make them pay upfront fee. If someone really needs service they will do this. I know in the past I have paid people reserve styled fees because I actually truly needed their service. Debating with instagram models for long periods of times with excess anxiety doesn’t seem very fun lol


It’s a great way to make you feel worthless and hate yourself, that’s for sure, especially when it’s 90% of the time. I had a model reach out to me asking to shoot that week, asked her what days she had available, and then she replied with “Oh sorry I forgot, I’ll be away the rest of the month and it’ll be too cold when I get back” so I blocked her. Fuckin’ skanks.

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why not collect a deposit?

A non refundable deposit is required will get rid of the jokers .

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