What do this mean in the IG platform policy?

What does this mean exactly? Was looking through the platform policy and come across this…

I know what an ad network is… like, they purchase inventory/ad space from publishers and sell it to advertisers but how can this be done on IG. What do they mean exactly by this?


I’m not sure about that as well, maybe they are referring into building a system like Facebook Ads where IG influencer’s sign up with their accounts and promoters pay for their posts to be published in their niche related accounts automatically?

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I believe they want to say: don’t create bunch of accounts that will promote each other and/or promote same product/offer.


Polite way of fighting back to those instagram mafia networks

“Access our 12 million follower network!”

It could mean engagement groups. IG doesn’t like it when anyone tries to bypass tge regular system of growing and engagement groups could be considered one of those things

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