What do you affiliates want?

I am about to start an affiliate program for a subscription product that I own.

If you are an affiliate, what are the best features of the program the vendor uses?

What are the worst things? What problems have you had that would keep you from being an affiliate for a product?

I want to set this up so that the affiliates are happy.

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A pretty good landing page for the visitor for me as If I’m directing traffic to your sales page and it doesn’t convert because of the landing page then that would be bad. :slight_smile:


Check! Thanks euhero.

The #1 factor affiliates use when deciding on which products to promote are payout and conversion rate, possibly epc as well. If you can show that your product is going to convert for them, then guys will be lining up to promote it.

Your funnel needs to be proven to convert, people spend 1 or 2 days promoting you and if they don’t see any conversion they’ll drop you and never come back.

You need to know the lifetime value of your customers, so you can offer the highest payout possible. Get your back end setup, email list, remarketing/retargeting, upsells, and whatever other ways you can monetize each visitor. There are a lot of metrics that you need to know about your business, if you payout too high to your affiliates you could go bankrupt. Too low and noone will bother to promote you. Anyways the payout isn’t arbitrary, you need to have done research and know your business to set the price properly.

Of course all this depends on your product as well, different products have different methods.

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Thank you Nick!

Yeah premium landing pages and weekly payouts always catch my eye.
24 hour chat support would deff be a winner for me too.

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Could you give some specific description for the premium landing pages?we can try to offer it.

A valuable offer worth promoting.