What do you consider best kinds of articles for instagram verification?

Can anyone suggest me sample articles, websites, or characteristics of good article on the basis of which Instagram will consider a profile for Blue Badge?

International press is highly stressed.

Articles from Forbes, Entrepreneur, and authoritative media outlets are the ideal but it really depends on what your niche is.

One client I verified and she didn’t have any articles but she was on the covers of many big name magazines (which she also found links to on their sites). The media partner had to bump the submission but it was approved shortly thereafter.

I’ve never faked press for a client for a verification, so I can’t help much there but if i were doing it I’d focus on making it international and having plenty of it. The clients I’ve helped with this all had TONS of press but were denied when going through the in-app submission


Sorry, where do you submit the article or links?
The application form don’t have a place for you to put it or am I missing something?

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Ya, I was wondering the same. I’m in dozen of news articles around the world but how do I submit the links when filling out the form?

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You can’t when you do it yourself in the app. IGs algorithm will check the web and decide on whatever factors if your are eligible or not.
If done through a media portal by an agency for example they can send in all the articles to support your application which is why they sometimes can get people verified that have unsuccessful submitted the application in app.


Hi Paradox,

I have someone that has been on the cover of 5 magazines, they aren’t giant like Forbes, but this person is a model so they are fashion magazines. They also were on CCTV news in China, and hugely featured the biggest Chinese newspaper in the US twice. And a few smaller articles talk about them. But when we had the publicist submit for instagram verification, it still is rejected.

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Maybe link to the article on your profile link?
I guess they do have a team to do a little search before verification?

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That’s because I was referring to submissions from a Media Partner Panel or Portal !

I ofc blurred out the users info below. It’s not a magic pill but it can help verify accounts if getting a submission in from the right person.


If you want to talk via PM’s, feel free to reach out.

I’m assuming the publicist put in a submission via a support portal? I think its highly like it was a Media Partner Portal but can’t be sure.

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hello Paradox, can you please DM, I just want to ask few things, Someone approaching me for the account verification, and i just want to ask, as i am in the process of verifying my identity too

Hi Paradox, Can you send me more information in DM thanks?

Hey mate reading through this old thread i was wondering if you could give me some more information about the verification process

Hi Paradox, I just saw your comment & was hoping if you could send me a PM? I’m new on this site and can’t send any PMs.

be sure to include Wikipedia , it helps a lot

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  1. I have 8 press that are high on google search but I just got denied.
  2. My account has been faked multiple times and it is frustrating but I still got denied.
  3. I am in the process of completing a wiki then I will apply in 30 days.
  4. I applied in app

My questions are:-
Should I wait longer before I apply? Do you think they keep track of applicants rejection history?
How much do you think wiki helps since anyone can create it? Mine is highly referenced btw.

Please message me I need verification

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You need to have featured articles in reputable websites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Ceoworld etc. Wikipedia page is recommended to have, your own website blog not required but everything you can add to increase your online presence will increase your chances for successful verification.

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How can I private message you in regards to helping with portal submission

Hey could you PM me we are interested in working with you