What do you do other than IM. What is your 9-5 Job?


As the title says what do you do other than IM or You are completely depend of Internet?
I will start
I do real estate business basically i buy properties for low prices and sell them at high rates.


I was student… then I discover MPSocial… I am now a full time IM :innocent:


I would be doing something in politics.


Currently studying


Full time IM.


In which country do you flip homes?
I have some background on Real estate too.

Although I’m a professional travel Photographer + IM full time, can’t stop working 24/7 :grin::sunglasses:


I manage furniture department at a chain of stores


I do this full time


I’m an unemployed loser (full time)


I’m a musician so I play shows, sell music, etc. I’m also a yoga teacher and teacher trainer. So I teach classes but I also teach people how to teach through teacher trainings. :slight_smile:


I live in india


I spent two months there! Learning and working with some unbelievable meditators and teachers.


I herby change my response to this.


Keep on telling yourself that and it will never change.

To the topic: Full time IM :slight_smile:


this is my full time thing :slight_smile:

Nice perks of travelling and meeting cool people in the process


How much are the homes you flip sir?:grin:


I don’t flip homes but empty plotes. When someone offers new plotes in a area i buy them and after few months or a year i sell them on high prices.


I’m a pentester/malware analyst. Internet Marketing is my second job.


graduated in brand mgmt some months ago. actually got 20 clients but looking to reach 100 in mgmt.


Grinding finance daily