What do you do to earn money?

Hi All
I have really got into the digital marketing thing with my business and using tools to growth hack and make a reasonable living. I’m curious to know what you guys do to make big money, how else can I use these skills to take it to the next stage?

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Why has this been flagged to be deleted, I am interested to know what other opportunities are out there?

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He has deleted the post by himself. It wasn’t flagged

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it’s reletad to his own comment, not your topic, can be missleading tho ahah


to whom is your comment directed @Broked
now I’m confused: D

Did you thought about scaling it up?

I never flagged it? I had thought about scaling it up, but I heard stories about those that have gone away from making money for client’s but to then do something on there own and I wondered if anyone had done similar and what it is they did? whether it is affilite or other? interested to know.

Do you really want to know (just your title is so open!)

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I started with Payment Processing company, I still have it but these days most of my income comes from realestate.

Hoping to add YouTube to the list pretty soon as im growing my channel