What do you do when you inherit an account from another service provider (Jarvee or similar) and the account activity gets blocked?

Recently took on a client who switched from another service after setting the account up, it was blocked immediately after 3 follow actions.

Not the first time I’ve encountered this, but still never found a solid solution. Curious to thoughts.

I would use a mobile proxy on that account if possible to see if the action blocks stop (if you arent already using one)

If you are I would rest the account on the bot and tell the client to perform actions normally and use the account as much as possible on their mobile device on the app to try and bring the trust up.

What proxies are you using?
How much rest did the account get before starting the new bot?
Is the old service still logged in to their account?
Good to change the password after leaving a service.

Lots of questions

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must be pretty thrilling everytime you get a new client :sweat_smile:

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hahaha it happens rarely, but when it does, it’s the most frustrating.

All good questions:
DC proxies, which still for the large part I have no issues with.
The engagement ended a while back so plenty of rest and yes the password was changed.