What do you spend the most time doing in TikTok?

What are you doing to grow your account? What takes up the most time in your strategy?

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Finding viral content to post/ looking at viral tik tok videos to better understand what makes people watch certain videos.

Yeah finding content is definitely tricky. Where are you looking for viral content at the moment? How do you determine what viral content is?

  • Reading through users data and analytics
  • Spotting trends before they “pop”
  • Finding influencers that don’t realize their talents in a specific area so I can help them grow in that specific area while massively monetizing it
  • posting on my accounts
  • watching people’s lives

If you are OK with sharing - What specifically is your process for spotting trends before they pop, is it a gut feeling thing or do you have a process?

I would, but not on a Lvl 1 thread. Keep asking admins to make different level threads for tiktok but I guess 10mins is too much of an investment for the admins.

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No worries :slight_smile:

Anyone else - What takes up most of your time while growing your TikTok account?

I think what’s useful is to just watch current trends, look for similarities with viral posts and probably try to replicate them for your own account growth.