What do you think about fake Likes and Followers?

Yes i know it’s not worth to do it as it destroys your account… But i see many people do simple things like f/uf for about a month then start buying some fake follower and add it also on their post so it looks more legit then after that they buy some shoutouts from legits same niche account and when people click on the profile they see a CTA in bio of any sort of offer (link to a blog,dropship store,affiliate link,shoutouts…) So with just buying fake likes+followers they can get many customers and then they switch to another account when insta ban them they have already made money and do same thing on a new account what do you think about that is it real that it can works like that because the only thing where i can see people start doubting is when someone don’t do it correctly like forgetting to buy fake likes too

If you are looking for a long term with your account better not use fake followers, fake likes sometimes helps in the beginning but don’t abuse it. in the long term fake likes don’t help that much. Hope it helps man

Yes but what about someone who.just want money like selling something… Not growth

Nothing fake works or help you in any positive way. Thats it.

I mean, using a few fake likes to make your profile look better is not too bad but I would not recommend it
Right now, almost all fake followers are removed by IG so you will likely waste your money