What do you think about IGTV?

I searched on many forum and no one talk about some tips to get views on igtv just if it was an update on MySpace lol but i think it’s the best thing in instagram for now to get many new followers with free traffic so let’s discuss about it in this thread

you can see a clear bias from Instagram once you use it, easy to get on explore feed etc etc.
personally dont find it that appealing to end-consumers, same goes for me

What do you mean by that is it not worth it for growth ?

It is great for growth and a useful tool. The IGTV videos are bigger than normal videos on the explore page. :sunglasses:

Is there any method to grow with it or just post and wait ?

Make sure its a good quality video. Link to it on your story and your feed. Also make use of hashtags etc.

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I post my HD videos to IGTV because IGTV doesn’t compress the shit out of the videos like regular IG. I make video longer than 1 minute so I can share the preview on my regular IG feed and get engagement from that. If I don’t share IGTV post on my regular feed, it won’t get that much engagement.


This. You have to use all three (Stories, Feed, IGTV) together to get the best engagement.

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And is it possible to use it on a bot or just on the app ?

Just the app I think. Not really sure though.

IG and IGTV are linked, my 3 day all action block on regular IG applies to my IGTV too so no point to have a separate bot. Good idea though.