What do you think about my settings?

im already doing it gaining about 60 follows a day / general targeting not really narrow ( just testing )
but not sure if the account gonna survive that lol
its been 3 days no EV no Blocks no PV …etc

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May I ask how you do the comments? Where and what are you commenting?

thats a good sign :slight_smile:

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i used this site, i just shuffle things until i find related comment and i pick it
“because im just testing if the account gonna survive”

got 16 comments
on followers of targeted users/ hashtags posters


If you are randomising the timers then use the stay between these times option too or the times will become unpredictable and go too long or short.

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  1. agree with @avo, you should enable “stay between these times…”
  2. I would recommend adding more space between everything so it is more random and not that predictable that it is a bot… (e. g. 41-78 seconds instead of 65-78, follow between 14-27 etc.)
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What are your warm up settings/follows?

25 F/U + 4 each day , first week,
2nd week +10 each day

24/7 until i hit 500-600 follows/ unfollows then i try to stay day time or night time but not 24/7 anymore

i only randomized it for 30 minutes , should not be a problem really

okay will try to implement that, good tip

It will randomise every day from the previous day times and drift from your original settings. That’s why you need to use stay between function.
It doesn’t remember your original setting.

Really strange time to do your follows lol. I follow on all accounts, including clients between 8am and 10pm.

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@Connor_Lipke The account is in a different time zone. I was also wondering about this.