What do you think about my settings?

Follow Settings

Unfollow settings

Proxies used : Raw Mobile
Account Quality : Good Quality
Account age : +4 months
Account warm up : Done

This is a template settings that i might copy to some of my accounts ( Growing )

i would really love to read your thoughts & Suggestions


hy i took a look at it. I am also not a pro but i wonder just about a few things. painted numbers in so it’s easier to talk about.

  1. value is the approximate amount of follows you will do without limits. so if you want to aim for 500/day this should at least be 500/day because it doesn’t consider filtering delays or processing delays

  2. I would do follows generally when people are active. I dont know which niche you are in maybe you can explain a little why you choose this time? And whats with tuesdays? :wink:

  3. I am not sure maybe it’s fixed but I alwas adapt manually because I realized if you have it like this it goes. day1 150-150, day 2 150-170, day 3 150-190, day 4 150-210,… and so on. And i want it like day day 1 100-150, day 2 120-170, day3 140-190. But depends on what you want


Also if you are operating 13,5 hours and you do max of 27 / hour you can do a maximum of 27x13,5= 364,5 follows a day (without sleeptimes)

  1. i want to follow max 350-360 per day not 500 for the next 1-2 months

  2. generally based on the account location time ) , ( i picked this time because users would be most available to open their IG accounts during these hours and not working hours ) , day off is not just linked to one day , its gonna rotate every week ( all of this to also stimulate human behavior )

3.yes i want to give more flexibility and randomness to the follow actions the account will make and not stick it to something for atleast 2 months.


alright the 500 just made me think you aim for 500. then its fine

so the account location must be different to yours. I see :wink:

I understand then it should be fine was unsure if you are aware that a minimum day could be 256 follows.


My accounts behave also human but they are addicts. they are so addicted to Ig and could not stand one day without it :grin:


what about the unfollow settings ?

so total would be around 600-700 actions a day ( Follow actions + unfollow actions )

lol what are your settings ?

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for me it looks like safe conservative settings. i see a lot of people doing more. i personally do a similar amount of actions. Are you liking too?

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no im not liking

only follow / unfollow

im afraid to add liking to be honest , i have bad experience with liking and not really that converts comparing to F/U

i found out likes, Comments “engagement” that comes from using F/U is way better from liking and Commenting …etc more generic

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I dont have a day with no actions cause i think a lot of people use it everyday


I also had better results with F/UF than likieng but also read about people who do mainly likes and no F/UF at all and are also growing well.


they use likes and comments or only likes and a few follows or just likes ?

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Just likes about 1000 a day if I remember right (tried to find it but cant as the thread was about something different)

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they are not leaving 1 like per 1 user right ? maybe 2/3 likes ?

i might actually try it with some of my test accounts

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was not mentioned but i guess 2-3 work better. and also if you could put them on useres which are active while receiving the likes would be awesome

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then hashtags are better for liking
since you will like posts that was published atleast 1 hour ago if you done the settings in that way

you can only like hashtag interactors when you scrape them first. hashtags posters work but i think they are not that good. but could try with interactors on posts of target accounts

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What do you think about this settings ( 24/7 )

Follow 480
like 240
Comment 72
Unfollow 480

Total 1200-1320

55 Actions every 1 hour max
1 Action every 1 minute

have not tried commenting because i mostly read bad things about it but will give it a try soon. I can’t tell you how good they are just try and you will see. But I can show you some more aggressive settings somebody posted a few days ago [GUIDE] [2019] Jarvee Instagram Beginner Settings!

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