What do you think about this guy strategy?

so i found this page,
1-he Uploaded 220 posts within 10 hours
so i guess +400 posts every 24 hours
2-he uses hashtags on all of his posts
3- he seems to be growing followers with his strategy
4- his engagement sucks but still good comparing to how many posts he upload

how come he is still alive and still never shadowbanned ? ( i found him in hashtag so no shadow ban )

is this the new way to grow or is he trolling or crazy or what exactly is this ?

his followers were 1682 when i posted this, lets see how many he grow everyday with his strategy


Looks very spammy for me and if you ask about how good the strategy is, just try to find the creation date of the account. If the account is older than one year and he only has 1.6k followers, you kinda have a winner for your question.

yea im trying now to find his first post , its been 10 minutes scrolling down im still at day 3…

also he might grow followers and once he hit his followers goal he will delete all posts and turn into quality posts

He still don’t get enough likes from his 1684 followers.

So there is no any chance to get enough engagement even if he delete all the posts.

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He’s using banned hashtags, he has 4445 posts, do you really think this is the new way to grow? His followers look like they were bought aswell.

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yea i dont think its good …

but lets see later what is going to happen to him,
will give him 1 month and will see his results ( i have added him to my analytics watch )

In my opinion, a very poor tactic.
7 followers arrived in the last hour.
Probably even if he removes current photos later and wants to carry better quality content, nothing will come of it.

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Give it a week and his reach will be gone and his account will be below sea level.

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the OP said he Uploaded 220 posts within 10 hours
so i guess +400 posts every 24 hours
so 4509/400=11
so i guess not far than 11 days


Well, if he used different hashtags, I am sure that his growth will be better.

I think that I will test his method in a few days, once the IG update settles down haha.

Because, what would happen if you post 100 different posts with different hashtags per day? If you don’t get shadowbanned, obviously haha.

I will fuel the posts with fuelgram and with my other accounts’ likes and comments… Let’s see what happens…


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10 hours later… +4 Follower… hahaha oh gooosh

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What is he doing then …

maybe he is just trying to be number 1 account when it comes to number of posts he have ?

he is putting effort into this … but if no followers then why not stop ?

Sounds like he needs to get a life


never upload more than 2 posts per day.

instead, publish 20/30 stories with a time delaying of 15/20 minutes!

I Will have to try It! I Saw plenty of Big accounts doing so and I wondered if the results are great.

Have you seen a great growth using this strategy??

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posting a lot on stories will give you the best reach

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Good point! Once this IG update settles down, I Will try this strategy.

Thanks for the input!

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