What Does Everyone Think About Social Envy?

Has anyone else seen the semi-big advertisement campaigns for SocialEnvy across FB? I’ve even seen them in google ad pop ups on the sides of websites and I see them very frequently.

Why doesn’t anyone else use their marketing strategy as it seems they are making good money from comments etc. on their ads.

What’s everyone’s impression of them?

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The advertisements you see on Facebook are retargeting. The people who visited their website will get the ads on Facebook.

Comments on their ads are always positive. They delete negative comments and block the people who made them.

They have different languages, based on your IP you will get another language. I saw the Dutch version. It was bad bad bad. Even Google translate would do a better job. I made a comment about it on their add. Next day I couldn’t make comments anymore.

Now when I see their ads I always click on them. They will pay for blocking me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They’re basically River and Sohsh Media, ie. terrible businesses.


Ya, I’ve seen even verified people comment asking for their services and I reached out to them personally and they told me they thought it was shady and they didn’t want their services afterwards, they said they would email them and they wouldn’t answer questions directly or go around them.

So that’s what made me not like their business idea, but it seems to work even if they are a crap service.

I assumed they bot automatically lol. I have made negative comments on them before just for that alone.

But they still seem to do well in terms of sales. I noticed they have gone cheaper lately and that told me they aren’t making as much as they were because people are learning they are bad. Considering they do have lots of legit customers it seems even currently.

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They have a terrible reputation; https://reportscam.com/socialenvyco/

I believe they are known for not answering emails at all.


They are still expensive. Prices are for a week. For example $20 a week, but for a minimum of 10 weeks. That is a lot for throwing an account in MP and ignoring emails from clients… I can do that in 5 minutes. They also ask clients to give hashtags and accounts to target. It is bad, because most clients will make the wrong decisions.

But they do have money for advertisements and so, so probably they will have clients…


They spend so much money on advertising they must really need new customers, and for the lowered rates, they must need a LOT of new customers, which would explain being unable to respond to anyone. Stupid decisions all around, but then again people will buy into the worst business ever if they think they’ll be popular and famous because of it.

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The profit is very high if you do not spend any time answering emails or giving service.
Costs for 1 account for a week is 15 cents ? 10 weeks for $20 = $200 - costs $1.50 is $198,50 profit for 5 minutes work.

Even if you spend $150 on advertising to get 1 client you are still making enough money.