What does it mean? Facebook question

When my mom opens her Facebook app it shows this.No any newsfeed and I even reinstalled. It was ok but became the same again. It writes “Welcome to Facebook”. And nothing is loading. I posted its screenshot that you see what is going on


I haven’t attracted a new FB in a long time, but was it a brand new account. It looks like the very beginning after you sign up, and then you add friends and pages and it populates. If it is an old account that she has used, I don’t know what happened unless they somehow dumped and deleted her profile.

You (your mom’s account) need to interact with people (add friends, like pictures, etc) and FB pages. Otherwise, Facebook won’t be able to create a news feed for the account.

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My mom’s account is almost 9 years old and she liked many pages, joined groups and made many friends
I reinstall the app and it becomes ok then after a while when I log in again, it doesnt work. But when I log in via browser it is ok.

It is an old account. 9 years old. When I log in via browser everything is ok. I can see everything. It happens to the FB app. I resinstalled the app it worked then again became wrong. White blank. But through browser it works well. If her profile was deleted it would not work via browser and many people complain about this issue nowadays . I searched on Google. But nobody can fix it.

It seems the issue is on your mom’s phone (insufficient ram/not enough free space). So, it worked after your reinstalled, but then it stopped updating feed again. Try to “clean” the phone to free more space, Maybe that will help.

OK. I will try . Thanks a lot

Have you tried on laptop on your browser? If yes, do you see the same issue there?

If not, that prolly means that the issue is related to your phone.