What does it mean "valuable followers"?

i checked my profile on socialrank,
and it shows me my most valuable followers (top 10)
i wanted to really quick to ask what does it mean "most valuable followers"
on my followers list
thx for your wisdom

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Probably those that engage with your posts most often.

Maybe they even consider the number of followers account has and how often it engages with your posts.


i dont think those users engage with my posts most often
but it does show me the amount of followers they have my number 1 in the list is with
almost 50k and its some girl in the city, she mabye liked 2 or 3 my drawings when she started
to follow me, since then i never saw a comment from her or a like.
mabye i need make them (top 10 followers) to engage my posts
and the engagment will rise or somethin like that, anyways
thx for your wisdom sir

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So, it’s probably those with most followers.

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